Times Square Project, A gift from Rio to New York

This strange space, an extended crossing of many streets full of different activities at ground level (commerce, services, hotels, restaurants, theatres, etc), has a great power of attraction and a mythical significance for both, residents and visitors. The existing energy of the place can be interpreted and potentialized through a new "aura", incorporating well-differentiated conditions for the pedestrians (boths users and "consumers of place" wich offers a contemporary affable landscape, including ecoefficient technologies and a friendly green presence ("an urban bouquet"). The project implies a type of healing work in a cultural and aesthetical approach, focusing on a well balanced relation between business, information, functionality and convivial space.

Las huellas en el lugar sugieren relaciones potenciales. Se trata de inscribir múltiples series de huellas, que develan estructuras latentes de organización. El proyecto implica una mediación entre un objeto palpable, el espacio vacio entre las edificaciones, y la "interioridad" creada por la plaza elevada.
Se trata de una arquitectura de huellas que solo llegan a hacerse visibles a través del diseño.
Anterioridad e interioridad son codificados en las huellas, constituyendo un conjunto flexible de relaciones entre fuerzas.