Projectual Approach for Socio-Spatial Structuration

1) Understanding the sense of the place, after several site visits (as many as necessary); Scheme of reading of the structure of place;Esquema de leitura da estrutura do lugar - Mangueira e entorno

2) Listening to the desires; talking with different community representatives, local leaders and individual members;

3) Local investigations;

4) Detection of potentials;

5) Establishing of dialogues with significative institutions in the surroundings of the intervention area;

6) Multidisciplinary crossing of different disciplines related to the particularities of the community:

  • productive mobilization of the territory
  • specifical surveys
  • Sociology
  • education
  • culture
  • health
  • generation of work and income
  • transportation problems and existing accessibility conditions
  • environmental issues
  • existing housing conditions
  • security questions
  • juridical aspects (land tenure)
  • subject problematics

7) Formulation of the urban scheme, defining the General Plan of Intervention

Organizing physical factors (infrastructural-urbanistic-environmental), social factors (economic-cultural-existential), ecological factors (mental ecology, social ecology and sustainability), citizen security questions and the intersection with subject problematics.

Jorge Mario Jáuregui